Why act?

Over the past 20 years, workplaces have seen significant improvements to the health and safety for workers across many parts of the world. The rate of accidents and fatalities caused by unsafe practices has been in steady decline for many years. However, until recently, not much attention has been given to the health of workers. It is estimated nearly 2.7 million people die each year from occupational illness which equates to 99% of all work related deaths.


Illnesses caused by exposures to occupational and environmental hazards at the workplace create many varieties of illnesses (from asthma, to cancer) which creates physical, emotional and financial pain for the worker and their surrounding community.


Occupational illness is preventable, however with tens of millions of workers being exposed to hazards every day the challenge to protect these workers is real and current. 


Trieste Global is dedicated to bringing the fight to the forefront. By integrating a myriad of expertise and knowledge with engineering and technology we are able to deliver affordable and accessible solutions to industries everywhere.