Engineering Change - The mission

To make, 'Every Site, A Healthy Site'

Trieste work with construction companies to ensure that the Health and Wellbeing of their workers is protected. We do this because we believe that all workers deserve to live a life where their long term health is just as important as their immediate safety. 


Our Call To Action

By ensuring our vision of ‘Every Site a Healthy Site’ remains strong and keeping this mission front and centre of our decision making and operating activities, we can achieve interaction and collaboration between partners who share our common goal and create change at a systems level.

By maintaining good quality relationships with Industry Professionals and Governing Bodies and seeing and interpreting the value that they bring to the vision we can implement their knowledge and expertise into our systems and create a strong foundation upon which our capabilities can be extended.

By increasing engagement and awareness of workers, their friends and families and ensuring that they always remain at the forefront of what we do, the community as a whole is recognised as an important partner in what we are trying to achieve.

By bridging the gap between construction management teams and the on site workers and creating a  fair and equitable system for worker ‘Health Management’, we can create a system upon which all tiers / levels of construction are working toward a common objective.

By raising the bar on how ‘Health and Wellbeing’ in construction should be managed and providing access to real time, affordable monitoring and control solutions, individual worker health and wellbeing will become an expectation not a privilege.

By communicating the work we are doing, learning from lessons and sharing insight by reflecting, recording, evaluating and converting. We can use the data collected to the betterment of workers and affect ‘real change’ within the construction industry. More companies will adopt the ethos of ‘A Healthy Site’.