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The Impact of a Second Wave

The Covid-19 pandemic has been one of the worst periods in the history of this country. This virus has torn families apart and left gaping holes in communities all over the world. As with many of the nations that enforced a lockdown to slow the spread of the pandemic, Australia continues to struggle with what seems to be the second wave.

Making it through the second wave

One of very few upsides of the situation this time around is that much of the groundwork is already in place from the first wave of infections. Businesses that have been able to do so have already made the switch to remote working and many have barely begun to reopen offices, so a return to a stricter lockdown would be much more bearable than if it were from “normal life” like the first time around.

International and even interstate travel is heavily restricted, with authorities always looking to limit the spread of the virus. We have great faith that regardless of the decisions that state and federal governments make, the communities that came together with such strength previously, will be there once again to support those affected and bereaved by the coronavirus. The compassion of the Australian people has served as an example for nations across the world. They’ve been testing times, but the spirit of our community stays strong through it all.

Many of those who were hoping for a return to work as business picked up may indeed be waiting a while longer, and those who believed they had finally made it through safely will unfortunately be subject to more stress as the financial impact of coronavirus hits every individual and business where it really hurts.

What does it mean for construction?

Unfortunately, construction and manufacturing will be some of the worst-hit sectors, as a “working from home” scenario simply doesn’t apply to practical, hands-on labour.

Existing projects will have to be put on hold, and projects that were looking to break ground in the near future will inevitably be delayed for the foreseeable future. Tradies and consumers on both sides of the business will be dismayed by the delays, but it’s all for safety’s sake. There will be a return to work, and the most that can be done at the moment is to plan for a safe reopening so workers can hit the ground running upon their return.

What can we do?

It is in the hands of our communities and our authorities to contain and minimise the effect of the virus. We have to stay safe, stay socially distant, keep wearing face coverings and washing our hands regularly. This is going to be another difficult period for Australia, and we have faith that the ‘true blue’ Aussie spirit will get us through it.

Stay safe everyone.

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